Dear Family of Faith, Lorri and I have a warm announcement for you. This Sunday, Soul Cafe Church will have a service of baptism. Immediately after the worship service, all who are able to join us will meet at the Navarro’s home, just across Hwy 290 from the church. We’ll have directions for you. Their pool has become a sacred place for Soul Cafe. Once assembled, we will be there for about thirty minutes. Baptism is an important picture of our encounter with the “life giving” Jesus. It is a symbol that we have joined Jesus in his death, burial, and resurrection. It is our public declaration that we have become followers of Jesus. Several of our Soul Cafe family will follow Jesus in baptism. If you have been considering baptism for yourself, please call me and let’s talk about how this could be a meaningful experience for you. There is room for hundreds more.

Dear Church Family

There are several active cases of covid-19 in our community, and in our church family.  We support your decision regarding attendance for Sunday worship and Wednesday activities.  Please do what feels safest for you and your loved ones.  If you decide to attend, we are respectfully asking that we wave ‘hello’ instead of giving hugs or handshakes.  None of us like that one bit, but we do want to honor each other’s concerns.  Masks are not required, but are respected.  We have hand sanitizer, plenty of soap and water, and will have a clean building on Sunday.
Thank you for your understand and cooperation.  Pray for one another. 

Trusting the Father with you,
Doug and Lorri

Pastoral Counseling


Rene’ Reilly was called to Ministry over 20 years ago.  She has served in the capacity of Women’s Ministry Director, Bible Study Leader, Youth Small Group Leader, Worship Team Vocalist, and “Local Grocery Store Evangelist”!  Rene’ has earned a Certificate in Women’s Leadership from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and served as Director of ProvenWay Ministries in Austin, Texas for eight years.  She has been a Leadership Trainer and Presenter for almost 20 years.  In January of 2021, Rene’ graduated from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary with a Master of Arts degree in Christian Ministries.  With pastoral counseling, spiritual development, and preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ as part of her degree program, she has come to join Soul Café to serve and be a part of our spiritual community.

Please call the church at (979) 278-3680 for more information on scheduling a counseling appointment with Rene’.

Brave Hearts

Tim Miller just phoned to say that he has firewood. If anyone needs any firewood, he can deliver to you. 
How I pray for your safety and even your comfort. We are going to have so much for which to be thankful. Can’t wait to be together again so we can talk about it. 
Again, there are Brave Hearts ready to respond if there is anything you need. Don’t hesitate one degree of temp to call. What a great community in which to live. 
Thank God for the people of Ledbetter and our community.

Garden Meeting Postponed

Dearest Dirt Diggers, (and fellow gardeners)
The meeting tonight at the church to discuss the community garden is not worth the risk of driving on frozen streets. It can wait until the weather is more cooperative. So “NO” garden meeting tonight. If you know of someone who was planning on being there but may not get this note would you give them a call.
Thank you for your understanding. 

Spring Community Garden

Hello, all past and potential community spring gardeners. 
I know it is hard to believe that it is time to start thinking about a spring garden. So this is an invitation to all of you who got your hands dirty last year and to anyone who wants to get some dirt under your fingernails this year to tell us what you would like to do in making the garden grow. 
I’ll start with an invitation to a garden planning time at the church building on Thursday, February 11, at 7:00 pm. The goal is to 1. choose the content of the garden this year, 2. spread out the division of labor in what we need to do to get started. Immediate jobs are to plant potatoes and to get some seeds started for later spring planting. I’ll have some soil and seeds to pass out at the meeting. 
What a great start already. Bob Green has already disked the garden area twice with his tractor and disk. It looks prepared right now. So with a string and a hoe we are ready to plant potatoes. 
We already have a lot of bedding plants in seed starter pots. So far that includes:  68 Cauliflower ,   12  sweet peppers,   12 all season cabbage,  72  Copenhagen cabbage,  18 red leaf cabbage,  104 broccoli ,  10  broccoli/cabbage (?).  We are heavy on cabbage because of the interest created by Debbi Gebert last year when she brought Stormy’s plant over and planted it. Then I got to eat a cabbage from Russell’s garden and I was hooked. That should give us enough to share. Lot’s more needs to be started muy pronto.  Like tomatoes, peppers, egg plant, etc. Some of the seeds were given to me by Liz Rowden. Including whatever “broccoli cabbage” is. It is always fun to be surprised at what you get. 
I’m going to suggest a few changes this year. One is to go to drip tape watering. The other is to use plastic bed mulch to cut way down on the weeding chore. I found a good sale on 12″ spaced tape in a 7500′ roll on sale. It is reusable for several seasons and also keeps us from watering the aisles between plants where it’s not needed. That only creates more weeds. 
Let’s also talk about the best way to share what God produces. The plants know when they are planted in a state of love for other people. So they try harder. 
For all who are able, see you Thursday, the 11th , at 7, at the headquarters building.


Wednesday Supper

Feed your entire family for $5. Join us for supper, then stay for a great “menu” of group classes offered. Adult Bible study, Young Adult study, Youth Group, Preschool through Elem. age groups. served starting at 5:00 p.m. Delicious, hot, home style meals each Wed. All are welcome.

Beef Stew, Cornbread, Dessert & Drink. Please call the church phone with your reservation.
979-278-3680 (leave message of how many plates you will need.)

Stations of the Christmas Story

Wednesday, Dec. 16 @ 5:30 p.m.

Stations of the Christmas Story is a walking meditation designed to prepare us for the celebration of Christmas.  On a ¾ mile lighted, outdoor path, we will journey through eleven events that represent the miracle of Christmas.

Bring friends, neighbors, & family and enjoy this special outdoor journey.

Christmas carols, hot chocolate and cookies complete the evening.

Creativity Sunday

Sunday, November 1, is Creativity Sunday.  The worship on that day will be a celebration of God’s creativity and of ours. 

Among the first things we learn about God comes in the book of Genesis.  It is expressed like this: “In the beginning God created…”   Right out of the chute the Bible declares that God is creative.  Out of nothing a whole universe came into being.  Where there was nothing, something came to be. 

On a special day of creation God is said to have taken dust from the ground and created Adam and Eve in His own image.  Their story is our story.  God’s creative image is in us.  We were born to be creative. 

So, on Sunday, November 1, we are going to bring our creative impulses to church and share them with one another.  

I already hear resistance among some of you who say, “I am not creative.”  You are.  You can’t not be creative. You are a child of a creative God. 

For instance, do you have a cookie recipe that you have perfected over the years?  Case closed.  So, on that Sunday bring a dozen of those cookies and share them with others.  Do you weld?  Do you dance?  Do you write poetry?  Do you sing?  Do you restore things that otherwise would go to ruin?  Do you build things?  Do you knit, sew, or crochet?  See?  We do create.  And together we can create a community that sustains and builds life together. 

Do you need inspiration?  Then read the entire 15th chapter of Luke.  One of the three stories will jump off the pages and into your imagination.  Write a poem about one of the stories.  Write a piece of music.  Play something on the violin of which the story reminds you. 

So, bake a cake. Write a poem.  Dance a jig.  Paint a picture.  Then bring it to church on November 1.  Your creativity will be our worship for the day.  

Hope In The Storm

The level of confusion and bewilderment is sky high.  At the same time, the rate of change barely lets us get used to a “new normal” before the directions and instructions change again.  As a society we went from concern into viscous anxiety in the blink of a dragon’s eye.  Collectively there is little consensus about what we might expect next.

Here in Ledbetter my sense is that it is not what we expect for ourselves that weighs on us but what we think might be happening to us as part of history’s great experiment in governance.  Has liberty, fairness under the law, and freedom failed us?  Will such concepts be “cloroxed” from our consciousness to be replaced by what global intelligence agencies call “total spectrum dominance?”  What gloomy shades color our expectations of what life will be like in the future?  Will it ever be OK again?

If we had only our surface experiences with which to evaluate and extrapolate the future we might live in a state of unsettledness forever.  Like the ocean, weather at the surface is much more difficult to predict.  Scowls erupt out of nowhere, and ships on the surface become victims of the waves.  But at great depths the storms are faintly recognized.

There is a depth at which our souls can find secure anchor.  A place where the fierce tides can’t rip us from the calm harbor.  When faith can find a moment to listen, we see through the mist that someone comes, walking on the water and bellowing, “Don’t be afraid!  It’s just Me.”

This Sunday I want to talk about where we can find a place to anchor in the storm.  My intention is to point in the direction of hope.  Not hope as in wishing something would be true. But hope as in confidence that in the most confusing times, God shows up with some good news.

We are going to read passages from one of the most misunderstood and mysterious books in the Bible.  Behind the picturesque symbols and dramatic images of Revelation is where we find out how deep the assurances of God can go.  John uses larger than life language to point in a direction in which we can begin to know what to expect next and to rest assured that all things are in God’s hands.

Come this Sunday and let’s discover what Jesus says we can expect next.