Imagine empowering students to explore some life-shaping, thought-provoking, Jesus-centered truths that can transform them into the kind of people God crafted them to be. That’s what LIVE Simple Truth is all about!
Each lesson in this small-group curriculum powerfully reveals what it means to deeply love and trust God, to lead a Jesus-centered life, and to lean on Scripture for guidance and wisdom. The discussions skillfully connect the dots between the ancient truths of Scripture and the issues teenagers face living in the 21st century.
JOIN 6th-12th grade students each Wed. as our leaders help teens discover how to experience hope in the middle of tough times, how God deeply and passionately loves them, how to build an authentic friendship with Jesus, and how they were created to lead a life of impact in this world and for eternity.
WEDNESDAYS AT 5:30PM. Supper served at 5pm for $2.
This youth ministry curriculum will help your students join the generation of teenagers committed to experiencing God’s constant, daily presence in their lives!