The Lord’s Prayer

Matthew 6:9   Pray, then, in this way:

“Our Father, Who is in heaven, Hallowed be Your name.”


If you are lost at sea this part of Jesus’ prayer can help you become oriented again.

“Our” helps us find ourselves in community and in relationships.  God is neither inert nor an impersonal, cosmic energy.  God is essentially personal and relational, and your grandest communion with God is in a community we have learned to call “ours.”

“Father” overwhelms us with the kind and quality of relationship we have with God.  We are no longer hopelessly adrift.  We find ourselves led and loved by the life-giving Father.

“Who is in heaven” turns your compass needle to true spiritual north and our soul’s ultimate destiny.  How can we make course corrections if we don’t know where we are headed?

“Hallowed” is a rather obscure word to us today.  It has within it the idea of something that is sacred, something that is holy.  It might even be used to describe something that contains the whole.  It is complete.  Nothing else needs to be addressed.

“be Your name.”  The name of someone in the times of Jesus was intended to describe their character and essence.  It was to tell who they were.

Now put that together with Hallowed.   

“Father, Your very character has nothing lacking.  You are wholly and complete.”  


Now your sailing ship not only has a direction but you find yourself facing the Father who longs to supply all of life’s needs out of who He is.

If on someday you feel lost let these words help you get your bearings.  You are not alone or adrift.  Your Father can point the way and even supply bread for the journey.

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