Image of God

This Sunday we will take in another big gulp of the creation story. We will be reading Genesis, chapter 2. This chapter is an additional account of the creation of man and woman. In the first chapter man is created in the “image of God”.  In the second chapter God breathes into our nostrils the breath of life.

The order of creation in chapter 1 and chapter 2 is quite different. It could be that the story, as told in chapter 1, is telling us about the relationship humans have to all the other things that God created. Man and woman were to work in, and care for, the garden as though it was a gift from God. The word subdue has more the meaning of manage than to exploit.

Chapter 2 has a different purpose. This account of the creation of human life is to tell us what our relationship to one another is to be like. Among all the animals there was no suitable partner found for Adam. So, Eve was created from a rib taken from his side. She was flesh of his kind. Therefore, the relational model between Adam and Eve is to reflect a difference than the one describing man’s relationship to the earth and to the beasts of the field. Could it be that this relationship is one in which we consider the “other” as being created in the image of God as we ourselves are?

Once we come to terms with what we believe we cannot ignore the questions, “What in the world does this implicate? What does it say about the way I behave and the decisions I make?” This is the real job of talking about God.

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