You Are Not Alone

There are few things that can make us feel more separated in the human race like bearing our pain alone.  A large part of our crushing grief is that no one knows, no one understands, and no one cares that we are close to the end of the road of wanting to go on.  Pain is like that.  The physical pain with which we can no longer cope. The emotional pain of losing a soul mate.  The pain of the shame and guilt we are unwilling for anyone to discover.  Every pain plots to segregate us into a private world where we perish alone.

Here is the good news of grace: You are not alone.  Even in your pain.  Jesus has come to the cross not just to die for you, but to die with you. Every rejection, every grief, every sorrow, just like the ones that have sought to ravage and devour life from you, Jesus’ pain of His own death is the guarantee, not that you will never have to suffer again, but that you will never have to suffer alone.  No matter how deep the hurt, you are never beyond the boundaries of the understanding and compassion of Jesus.

In sharing the fellowship meal this Sunday, we will remember that in every way Jesus has joined us in our pain and promised that He can see us through it.

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