Resurrection Now and Still to Come

Following the Easter event of Jesus’ resurrection, His friends, followers and even His enemies had to make sense out of the unexpected. The question was, “What does it mean that Jesus died, was laid in a tomb and yet three days later He is alive?”  There are at least three ways His followers began to think about the meaning of resurrection.

One is that Jesus’ resurrection is a promise and potential that we will one day share in His resurrection. Death is not the final defeat.

Secondly, faith began to inform His friends that resurrection had already begun. The resurrection of Jesus was not just about something yet to be but that a resurrection kind of life had already taken root in the lives they lived in the immediate present.

And three, the Bible seems to use the promise of resurrection as a way to touch our sense of purpose in the world right now. Our spiritual resurrection is the reality out of which we become the living presence of Jesus in the world right now.

It is still the greatest news you will ever hear. He is still alive!

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