Soul Cafe Family Reunion

This first Soul Cafe Family Reunion is going to be such fun. I’m hearing all the buzz from Lorri about who is going to show up. A huge dollop of the excitement is getting to see some of our family who don’t live close enough to come every Sunday. So, to all of us still living on the family farm in Ledbetter go ahead and set your alarms and come early. There will always be some last-minute setting up to do but most of all just being around good friends and family is the payoff for showing up. Plan on staying after church for the family meal. Even if you can’t bring a covered dish my confidence is that there will be more than enough. Just come on.

Tomorrow’s talk is about eternal life as it relates to “right now” life. For a trailer load of reasons, the life that is yet to come is a powerful capacity to live life NOW as though it has eternal impact and meaning. The moment we turn in response to the voice of Jesus calling us to follow him, eternal life begins. The transformation that can only come by God’s uninhibited acceptance and grace initiates a reality that will change your life. What God will do he can begin to do today. The Kingdom has begun.

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