God Is In Control

What do we mean when we say “God is in control”?

As the ten year old says to his mom, “If God doesn’t like the devil, why doesn’t he just pinch his head off?”

It is a perennial question. And this is not an answer to that question. There is a kind of maturing faith that lives in mystery without defaulting to unbelief. There is a certain arrogance that believes we can understand everything.

What we can say is that there is great comfort in hearing those words even when we don’t completely understand them. Perhaps because we are well aware that we are not in control. Our hearts can hardly tolerate the idea that we live in a world of total chaos and randomness.

I have found immense comfort in the understanding that God being in control is to say that there is no circumstance in which God is unable to work. It doesn’t mean that God causes everything that happens. It means that when life happens, and it rips our insides out and leaves us in the ditch to die that God is still at work to mend brokenness and heal wounds. It means that no depth of sin can utterly destroy us. It means that no calamity, however bad, can shape us into a bitter and mean person. Jesus died under the weight of the sins of the whole world. But God was the real victor in that brutal ordeal. On the third day Jesus rose from the grave defeating one of our greatest terrors.

It may be that in the face of this vicious plague God is going to show up among us and demonstrate some of the best things we have ever seen him do. God is at work among us.

So let’s follow his lead and begin work with him. We  need about ten or twelve of  you who would take four or five church families’ names and keep in touch with them during the next few weeks to know if there are any needs we might be able to meet.  Email Lorri at ledbettersoulcafe@gmail.com and she will send you some contact information that we have.

Remember:  God loves you like the dickens and he is in control.


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