Creativity Sunday

Sunday, November 1, is Creativity Sunday.  The worship on that day will be a celebration of God’s creativity and of ours. 

Among the first things we learn about God comes in the book of Genesis.  It is expressed like this: “In the beginning God created…”   Right out of the chute the Bible declares that God is creative.  Out of nothing a whole universe came into being.  Where there was nothing, something came to be. 

On a special day of creation God is said to have taken dust from the ground and created Adam and Eve in His own image.  Their story is our story.  God’s creative image is in us.  We were born to be creative. 

So, on Sunday, November 1, we are going to bring our creative impulses to church and share them with one another.  

I already hear resistance among some of you who say, “I am not creative.”  You are.  You can’t not be creative. You are a child of a creative God. 

For instance, do you have a cookie recipe that you have perfected over the years?  Case closed.  So, on that Sunday bring a dozen of those cookies and share them with others.  Do you weld?  Do you dance?  Do you write poetry?  Do you sing?  Do you restore things that otherwise would go to ruin?  Do you build things?  Do you knit, sew, or crochet?  See?  We do create.  And together we can create a community that sustains and builds life together. 

Do you need inspiration?  Then read the entire 15th chapter of Luke.  One of the three stories will jump off the pages and into your imagination.  Write a poem about one of the stories.  Write a piece of music.  Play something on the violin of which the story reminds you. 

So, bake a cake. Write a poem.  Dance a jig.  Paint a picture.  Then bring it to church on November 1.  Your creativity will be our worship for the day.  

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