Spring Community Garden

Hello, all past and potential community spring gardeners. 
I know it is hard to believe that it is time to start thinking about a spring garden. So this is an invitation to all of you who got your hands dirty last year and to anyone who wants to get some dirt under your fingernails this year to tell us what you would like to do in making the garden grow. 
I’ll start with an invitation to a garden planning time at the church building on Thursday, February 11, at 7:00 pm. The goal is to 1. choose the content of the garden this year, 2. spread out the division of labor in what we need to do to get started. Immediate jobs are to plant potatoes and to get some seeds started for later spring planting. I’ll have some soil and seeds to pass out at the meeting. 
What a great start already. Bob Green has already disked the garden area twice with his tractor and disk. It looks prepared right now. So with a string and a hoe we are ready to plant potatoes. 
We already have a lot of bedding plants in seed starter pots. So far that includes:  68 Cauliflower ,   12  sweet peppers,   12 all season cabbage,  72  Copenhagen cabbage,  18 red leaf cabbage,  104 broccoli ,  10  broccoli/cabbage (?).  We are heavy on cabbage because of the interest created by Debbi Gebert last year when she brought Stormy’s plant over and planted it. Then I got to eat a cabbage from Russell’s garden and I was hooked. That should give us enough to share. Lot’s more needs to be started muy pronto.  Like tomatoes, peppers, egg plant, etc. Some of the seeds were given to me by Liz Rowden. Including whatever “broccoli cabbage” is. It is always fun to be surprised at what you get. 
I’m going to suggest a few changes this year. One is to go to drip tape watering. The other is to use plastic bed mulch to cut way down on the weeding chore. I found a good sale on 12″ spaced tape in a 7500′ roll on sale. It is reusable for several seasons and also keeps us from watering the aisles between plants where it’s not needed. That only creates more weeds. 
Let’s also talk about the best way to share what God produces. The plants know when they are planted in a state of love for other people. So they try harder. 
For all who are able, see you Thursday, the 11th , at 7, at the headquarters building.


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