What Went Wrong In The Garden

The first two chapters of Genesis are the epoch stories of creation.  The affirmation of the stories is that God created everything that exists. All things look to the heart of God to find the causality of their existence. Everything in heaven and everything on earth owes its existence to the diffusion of God’s goodness that results in life itself. As women and men, we were created in God’s likeness. That likeness is the capacity to know, choose, relate and love as He does. As we live out of that likeness we extend the life and goodness of God.

God placed man and woman in a garden. God’s habitat for us brimmed with provision. It was a garden that would not only sustain our physical existence but would sustain our relationship with Him. God’s own expression when he saw all that He had made was that it was VERY GOOD.

Up to this point the story of Genesis can make sense as something that took place in the past. We live in the continuation of that story. But in the third chapter we must make a transition. We must decide whether the story is just about the past or whether this is a story in which I find myself in the thick of the plot. As a story of Adam’s rebellion against God the Genesis account is true. However, as an account of every person’s rebellion against God the story is TRUER that true. This is the story of every man and woman. It is the story of every single one of us. Yes, it is the story of Adam and Eve. But it is your and my story too.

Sunday, we are going to talk together about what went wrong in the garden.

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