Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

One of the most serious ethical questions with which we have to deal has to do with how we treat one another. “Am I my brother’s keeper?”,  introduces Cain’s self-justification for killing his brother. At the most local and personal level we must work our way through that same complex question in the direction of God’s lovely relational intention for us. There is nothing about our faith-birthed understanding of God that does not have to seep through the church walls onto the streets, playgrounds, work spaces and homes in which we live. Faith, fully grown, inevitably bears its fruit in its ethic. God seems to be every bit as concerned about how we relate to one another as how we relate to Him.

This Sunday we will continue to talk about what we believe about God by looking at the tragic story of Cain and Abel. With this story as a back drop we can move our thoughts and our hearts to a place where we can plan for the kind of garden/community in which we want to live.

Sunday’s Talk:  At What Point do I Get to Slug My Brother?

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