Dr. Graham

Most of us woke up to the news that Billy Graham passed away this morning at age 99. By noon very few people in the world will not know of his passing. There are people in South Korea, the Olympic Venue, who will receive the news and immediately connect with the moment when they first heard the story of Jesus. Dr. Graham preached there. In Australia, Eastern Europe, the UK, so much of this planet owes the hearing of the Good News to Dr. Graham. Most people will be able to connect to the importance of his life. However, a legend will be able to connect to his significance from a very personal level. Without hyperbole it can be said that millions of people still living found their life-changing faith in Jesus because they heard God’s call in the voice of Billy Graham. Hundreds of thousands will celebrate today in memory of a “good and faithful servant” of God.  I will be one of them.

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