A Journey of Faith and Responsibility

Everyone’s life is a story. It is impossible  to tell someone about yourself without telling it as a narrative. Even the simple dating of our experiences gives texture and context to our autobiography.  Some will say, “I was born in the Depression.”  Or “I was born just after 9/11.” The fact that we even pin our birth date to an event is evidence that we understand our own existence as a story.

You might try, but you can’t tell your temporal story and your spiritual story as though they are separate books. Your spiritual self is a core reality that cannot be separated from the rich and complex explanation of who you are and how you got to the place where you now reside. At ground level you are a spiritual person created in the image of God.

We cannot tell our story in any depth without talking about our interaction with God. And God refuses to tell His story without telling of His interaction with us.

To acknowledge God in a posture of faith, to see Him as a protagonist in our story, is to give purpose to tragedy and meaning to calamity.

To see the footprints of God criss crossing our circuitous path is His gift of grace. We then bare responsibility to get up from our most recent fall and take the next step in the direction He is leading.

It is no wonder that the great examples of faith are stories about real people on a journey. Let’s look at Abram’s story.  It begins like this: “Get  up, Abram. Let’s get going.”

Scripture:   Genesis 12: 1 – 9

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