Mile Markers and Memorials for the Pioneer

Scripture:  Genesis 13: 14 – 18

Over and over Abram sees the presence of God is with him as he journeys toward the Promise. Despite his migratory lifestyle he sees by faith that God is with him. Over and over he builds altars to memorialize the steps along the way. It is these markers and memorials that give Abram a sense of meaning to his endless travels. It is by faith that we also see the hand of God in our journey.  Abram had to take the short end of the deal in separating from Lot.  But there is no complaint from Abram.  Just the opposite, he builds an alter and has a conversation with God.

The perennial and eternal truth pictured here is that God is always leading us forward. Sometimes that forward step is not so pleasant. There are droughts and famine.  There is the unknown.  There are rough spots in the road.  But to give up on the journey is to give up on life. We give up the quest for being better, stronger, of being a blessing rather than a curse.  We trade in our climbing shoes, our walking sticks, our rappelling gear for a permanent address and life begins to be about what is good for “me”.  But in this journey we are called to be pioneers, not settlers.

Peter’s favorite nickname for Jesus is pioneer.

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