The Faithfulness In Living As Though There Is a Future

What does it take to live like there is a future? What risk is there in believing that God has all things in his loving hands? What are the challenges of believing  that God will faithfully guide us as we take the next steps into a future that has been promised?

However, living conversely with no future in sight is sure to be filled with fear, anxiety, and a paralyzing preoccupation with safety. Nihilism has its inevitable consequences.

The story of Abraham is saturated with the story of God’s faithfulness to him. But it is also filled with Abraham’s faithful response to the challenges that could easily end any hope of a future. That is especially true in the story of the instruction to sacrifice his son Isaac. Isaac’s death would be the end of the line for Abraham’s hope of a future – at least the one that God had promised. What is it like to trust God with your future when that promise presses up against incredible odds that are just not going to happen?

Living full of faith in God’s faithfulness is our only hope.

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