Prayerful Precautions

Dear Ledbetter and beyond Family:

There continues to be encouraging medical news concerning both the fatality rate and the recovery rate for COVID-19.  Clinical trials and tests from many of the world’s most capable virology labs and medical centers are getting their heads around what we are up against in our battle against this illness.  Most of what is being reported is very good news.  At the leading edge of the reports is that we should definitely take care of the most vulnerable parts of our population.  Up to ages of about 55 the fatality rate for this virus is about the same as the seasonal flu.  Beyond that age identifies the largest number of deaths in the world.

As a precaution and a protection of that population I am going to make the decision that we will not gather for worship this Sunday.  Neither outdoors nor indoors.  We will make this decision one week at a time.  At this time, our best decisions should be on the conservative side of this issue.  Wednesday classes and activities are also cancelled this week.

It is no substitute for being together but beginning this week we are going to resume recording a daily video from the Thicket House and will have a worship video ready for Sunday.

Lorri and I love that God has had His hand on our being planted in Ledbetter. We have been shaped and have grown having you in our lives. We will be back together soon.

Our Father, You are in heaven and see things in ways we cannot see.  Your vision is higher than ours. Your view is above the forest canopy and over the hilly horizon.  You know what our future is, and You are at work making good things out of what we see as very bad things.  Give us the patience that it takes to trust You for the long haul.  Bring us out of this mess stronger, more loving, more courageous, and more useful in Your service. We really do want to be Your children in the world.  In the way Jesus prayed, that is how we want to pray.  Amen.
Grace and Peace,

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