A Fortress And Shield

There will be no services at Soul Cafe Church this Sunday, July 12.  We will not gather for either the 9:30 am outdoor service or the 11:00 am inside service.

I hope that  you are able to read between the lines of this note to hear how disappointed I am that this is the decision that needs to be made.

For one, there are several new cases of the virus reported in our area and specifically in Ledbetter.  Although it is a bit confusing to know what “best practices” are during this time, we still have to make the best decisions we can.  The number one concern is to not provide a venue that would contribute to the spread of the virus and endanger anyone.

In the meantime there will be a video message up tomorrow morning as a “poor” substitute for being together, seeing each other’s smiles, feel each other’s hugs, and lifted by each other’s blessings of good will and peace.

I’ll just say it out loud.  I hate COVID!  I hate what it has done and what it has allowed others to do.  Now the contrast.  I love what God is doing despite what is going on with this contemptible germ.  We are learning and growing together in ways that may have eluded us during more sane times.  We are learning how much we need each other and how much we need the presence of God in our lives.  With every ounce of my disheveled and banged up faith I believe that God is at work, turning this calamity into something that is in the long term good of those who love Him and are called to understand His purpose in the world.  God will not fail in His tireless and eternal work for the salvation for which we long.

Here is Soul Cafe’s intention for next week, July 19.  We will gather for worship at 9:30 outdoors and 11:00 am indoors. And we are going to rub the devil’s nose in a petri dish full of the c word.

Heavenly Father, we rest our weary souls in our fragile confidence that you are the Lord of the emergencies of life.  We don’t know what to do more than half the time.  We are confused even more than that.  But you, Father, are a shelter for us in the times of our greatest bewilderment.  So we are going to put our trust in you the very best way we know how.  We are going to trust you for protection.  We are going to trust you for our health.  And we are going to trust you for the strength to get through anything life throws at us.  You are a fortress for our psyche.  You are a shield from fiery darts.  We know nowhere else to run but into your loving arms.  In the Spirit in which Jesus prayed, we pray.  Amen.

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