The Future

None of us can predict the future with anywhere near 100% accuracy. While we can attempt to see trends, we don’t know from one day to the next which variable may sneak into the recipe and change everything we had planned for  next week. That uncertainty about tomorrow can be a source of varying levels of anxiety and fretfulness. 

This Sunday, I want us to have a conversation about how Jesus addresses our fretfulness with the good news of another Kingdom.  This Kingdom transcends the limits of our earth bound limitations. This new kingdom has  larger boundaries that embrace the spiritual reality of a Heavenly Father who cares deeply about our critical earthly circumstances. It is not a kingdom that takes us out of the world but one that puts us firmly back into a confusing world with a completely different point of view. This Kingdom is grounded in our trust in our Father to sustain us, save us, lead us, and help us despite what confronts us in an unknown future. 

I can’t wait to talk with you about a life of faith that dials down the anxiety with the assurance that nothing can separate us from a God who is faithfully drawing and calling us forward toward the vision of who we can become. Despite the nasty circumstances and interruptions of a limited earthbound life. In preparation read Colossians 3: 1-17. 

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