You Are Invited

It strikes  me that Jesus was ready to throw a party for every good reason he could find.  He told a story about a man who threw a party for his neighbors to celebrate finding one of his lost lambs.  He told another story about a woman who threw a party for her neighbors because, after sweeping every inch of her house, she found a single coin she had lost.  Then he tells a big story about a man who threw a huge welcome back home party for a lost son that had come home. 

It’s hard to believe that throwing a party is a “Jesus like” thing to do.  But it’s true and that is what we’ll be doing tomorrow as we get together for the 8th annual 5K Fun Run/Worship/Crawfish Boil.  What are we celebrating?  We’re celebrating the fact that we get to live among the greatest people on the face of planet earth right here in Ledbetter, Texas.  Where can you go to find more generous, caring, and fun folks than here?

Now for the even more “Jesus like” part of the party: NO CHARGE!

At Soul Cafe Church we like a verse out of the book of Revelation that says, “Let anybody who is thirsty, Come! and drink of the water of life freely and without cost.”  So tomorrow is Soul Cafe’s way of saying to our tri-county area, and beyond, thank you for letting us be church in this awesome place. Please come join us for some mud bugs, hot dogs, and jambalaya.  There is no charge.  It is  without cost to you.  This is possible because so many people who attend Soul Cafe Church love this community and make a free party possible. 

We love you, Ledbetter. 

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