Baptism Sunday

This Sunday will be especially significant.  Following an abbreviated service of worship we will caravan to Wayne and Joyce’s swimming pool for a baptism service. There are four of our church family who will be baptized. 

Baptism is the symbolic way we express a consciousness of God that is meta linguistic–the meaning goes beyond words. It is the symbol of being united and vitally connected to a spiritual reality as we follow Jesus. 

You may have been thinking about the next step in your relationship to God. If your soul has been urging you to put your faith in Jesus and become a follower of Jesus then baptism is one of the spiritual treasures you may want to consider. I would love to talk with anyone who might be at this important place in their life. It will surprise you how deep the meaning of baptism can be in your life. 

Worship will be from 11:00 to 11:40 and then we will process to the Navarro’s house.  It is going to be a charged up time together.  Everyone is welcome.

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